something about bubbles is an original political satire comedy series, following two liberal filmmakers as they attempt to make the bubble project, a documentary exploring the issues that divide our country.

while seeking a better understanding of how people from different parts of the country view racial discrimination, police violence, gun laws, immigration, women's rights and health care, what is discovered is that we are all flawed and that if you can’t laugh at yourself you will never even begin to see the other side.


we are a nation divided. anger, hostility, and frustration are at dangerous levels and so is the need to blame.

if we are going to heal as a nation, we need to set aside our egos and have the courage to look inward, to look at our own principles and assumptions as well as our flaws. the first step as individuals and as a country, is to, at the very least, be open to the possibility of understanding the other side of the conversation.

bubbles is an invitation to commonality, empathy and respect. the series, consisting of ten episodes, sets out to challenge the perceptions of the left and the right by satirizing both sides of the equation at the same time.


target audience / psychographics / demographics

- 65 million democrats, liberals and independents who are exhausted by today’s political climate

- adults 35 - 65 who desperately want to turn off the news but not sure where else to turn

- anyone who doesn’t believe we should be shooting up lysol during a pandemic



Executive Producer Jean Batthany
Writer Graham Brown
Directors Mark Cheng & Graham Brown
Vivian Vivan Dugré
Kimberly Abigail Marlowe
Graham Graham Brown
Mark Mikel Miller
Nate Mikel Parraga-Wills
Crys Kristin Vahl
EMT One Martin Morrow
EMT Two Mark Cheng
Producer Graham Brown
Producer Mark Cheng
Director of Photography Joe M. Han
Editor Emily Tolan
Costume Design Holly Ruth
Script Supervisor Kirstin Racicot
Associate Producer Grant Guillot
Assistant Director Sunny Na
First Assistant Camera Austin Suhr
Second Assistant Camera Zander Edelman
Gaffer Matt Hayward
Best Boy Electric Emma Juncosa
Electric Yongmin Choi
Key Grip Patrick Hyatt
Best Boy Grip Jonathan Sohn
Grip Tristan Aghajanian
Location Sound Mixer Adam Borel
Production Assistant Sage Barrier
Production Assistant Josh Flaherty
Hair & Make Up Holly Ruth
Company 3 Color
Colorist Tyler Roth
Assistant Colorist Michael Gossen
Executive Producer Ashley McKim
Producer Mario Castro
Company 3 Finishing
Lead Flame Artist Aaron Neitz
Lead Flame Assistant Kenny Li
Executive Producer Ananda Reavis
Producer Kyle Leonard
Sound Design & Mixing Polar Sound
Special Thanks Chris Ott
Ben Einziger
Trey Dodson
Jeff Johnson
Olivia Alari
John Steele
George Sorensen
“Six Bottles of Wine” Chelsea Williams



Independent Shorts Awards - Winner Best TV Pilot • Best Original Story • Best Ensemble

Top Shorts - Winner Best Ensemble • Honorable Mention Best TV Pilot • Best Song

Los Angeles Film Awards - Winner Best Ensemble

Actors Awards - Winner Best Ensemble • Best Actor (Graham Brown) • Honorable Mention Best Actress (Abigail Marlowe)

New York Film Awards - Winner Best Director • Best Original Story • Best Ensemble • Best Supporting Actress (Kristin Vahl) • Best Supporting Actor (Mikel Parraga-Wills)



graham brown writer, co-director, actor. translating a critically acclaimed career writing and directing for the stage into film with a philosophy and focus on ensemble.



jean batthany executive producer by night. VP, Global Creative @ Disney by day with 30+ years experience agency side creating, leading and producing award winning commercial advertising. committed to gender equality, diversity + inclusion in content in front of and behind the camera.


something about bubbles
copyright © 2020 graham brown all rights reserved.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and the countries, and its unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unconditional.